Panjab University celebrated the World IP Day on 26th April where Mr Jitin Talwar from TTC was asked to deliver a talk. He spoke about the prevailing copyright and Trademark laws. He made the audience aware about the copyright and trademark laws with case studies on plagiarism and copyright violations.

He focused upon the importance of copyrights in cinematograph films and sound recording. He also discussed about the infringement of copyrights with specific case studies indicating infringement of copyrights. The trademark infringement was also explained by discussing the examples some leading food industries.

Jitin Talwar is a licensed Attorney (authorized to appear in courts throughout India) and also a Patent Agent in India, one of the founders of Intellectual Property firm – Talwar and Talwar Consultants. He has filed and prosecuted several Patents and Trademarks on behalf of several Companies and Universities in India. Continue reading

The American Invents act – First to file (March 16, 2013)

On Saturday, March sixteen, 2013, the “first-inventor-to-file” provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (“AIA”) will go into effect. The act will update the current “first-to-invent” process to “first-to-file” patent system. Under the new law, the defination for prior art will expand dramatically and any prior art from before the filing date can be used to reject the application. It will now be difficult to get patents and even harder to defend them in litigations.
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TT Consultants Director, Mrs. Komal Talwar, nominated for ICICI CNBC – Emerging India Awards 2011

Talwar and Talwar Consultants (TT Consultants) is proud to announce that its director, Mrs. Komal Talwar, has just been nominated for the prestigious ICICI CNBC Emerging India Award, 2011. Mrs. Talwar is one of the top 5 finalists in the country to be nominated in the category for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2011, adding another boost to her ever growing motivation. Also, it’s worth mentioning that she is the youngest of the five nominees shortlisted after a strict procedures laid by the award jury.
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A Quick Guide to Patent Infringement

Patent infringement comprises of the illegal making, using or even offering for a sale or selling any patented invention within the country or its territories, or importing it into the country of any patented invention during the period of the patent protection. The scope of Patent Infringement protection may vary from country to country, as the patent is examined voluntarily by the patent office established in each country or region and may have some difference in patentability, so that a granted patent is difficult to carry out worldwide. In many countries, a use is mandatory to be commercial or to be for a commercial purpose so as to constitute patent infringement. When patent infringement takes place, the Patent filing agent may sue for its relief by Patent drafting in the concerned Federal court. The Patent filing agent may also ask court for a ban to prevent the continuation of the patent infringement and may also ask the court for reimbursement of damages occured due to the patent infringement. Continue reading

Ms. Komal Talwar “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – Emerging Enterprise 2011” !

TIE Stree Shakti has awarded Ms. Komal Talwar the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – Emerging Enterprise” for 2011. The glittering award ceremony was held on 1st October 2011, in Mumbai. Prominent Indian personalities

Ms. Chanda Kochhar (CEO, ICICI bank), Ms. Sudha Murthy (Infosys Founder) and Swati Piramal (Director – Parimal Industries) presided over as chief guests.

There were more than 400 applications from various cities in India, in Emerging Business Category, out of which only 4 were shortlisted for the winner’s nomination after a thorough review by PWS, a prominent audit firm. The selection of the nominations reflects the unprecedented competition among the women entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Continue reading

Solutions for all Types of Business Risks

Any business or venture be it small or big is exposed to various kind of risks. One of them is business risks like market fluctuations, also called business cycles market boom or decline. Another is operational risks that arise within the organization due to improper working, mismanagement or wrong decision making. These are the common business risks that most people are aware of but still many cases are filed against company employees regarding the same. The most crucial risk that has grown now a days is intellectual property rights. Specially in industries like pharmaceutical, art works, etc. Let us see how to keep away from such risks.

First say market risk. One should always be aware of business conditions. It is the pre requirement to reduce be prepared before it arises. Entrepreneur should undertake business research for this. Business research keeps us updated about what’s going in the market and gives in depth analysis of the same. The information available from the research is vital as the research is undertaken by specialists at firms providing these services. Continue reading