Indian Patent and Pharma Laws should not be considered discriminatory: Public Citizen

In an ongoing investigation, Trade, Investment, and Industrial Policies in India: Effects on the U.S. Economy launched by USITC, a top American non-profit consumer rights advocacy group by the name of ‘Public Citizen‘ has said that Indian pharma laws should not be considered discriminatory. In a submission to USITC, Public Citizen said on Monday that India’s rules meet the data protection requirements under Trade Related […]

Google wins a patent for its prototype “self drive car”

Google, the search engine behemoth, has secured another victory, this time by winning a patent which allows its Google self drive car to read and interpret road signs, diversions and other obstacles by having a robot onboard. Apart from reading road signs the new systems can also detect oncoming vehicles, avoid unexpected obstacles and follow […]

TT Consultants Director, Mrs. Komal Talwar, nominated for ICICI CNBC – Emerging India Awards 2011

Talwar and Talwar Consultants (TT Consultants) is proud to announce that its director, Mrs. Komal Talwar, has just been nominated for the prestigious ICICI CNBC Emerging India Award, 2011. Mrs. Talwar is one of the top 5 finalists in the country to be nominated in the category for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2011, adding […]

A Quick Guide to Patent Infringement

Patent infringement comprises of the illegal making, using or even offering for a sale or selling any patented invention within the country or its territories, or importing it into the country of any patented invention during the period of the patent protection. The scope of Patent Infringement protection may vary from country to country, as […]

Patent Post Grant Review Procedure

The proposed Patent post grant review proceeding would allow the public to appeal the USPTO to cancel claims in a patent within a year of its issue date. And it allows any person who is warned with a patent infringement suit to plea for review within four months of being warned. To prevent wrong use, […]